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*♥+If I tell you i love you can i keep you forever?..+♥*


1 July
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♥..I'll get you my pretty..♥

"There is a difference between dumb & ditzy, dumb is not knowing and ditzy is having the courage to ask.."

Don't worry if people are talking about you
you affected their lives, they didnt affect yours.
Waste your time with friends - live for the moment,
laugh often, be immature, do anything and everything.
If it's something you'll regret in the morning.. sleep late!
& when you wake up, laugh about it with your friends.
because your friends are what matter most.
When you have your friends...you have everything.

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Comment to be added, if you fail to comment I refuse to add you back..Otherwise i'll add just about anyone..There will be the odd public entry but nothing remotely personal, i like to have some sort of control over who can/cannot view these..

A good friend will bail you out of jail, a great friend will be the one sitting next to you saying 'That was fucking awesome..'

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love is an accident...
waiting to happen

desire is a stranger...
you think you know

intimacy is a lie...
we tell ourselves

truth is a game...
you play to win

'Sometimes I think of letting go and never looking back, never moving forward so there'd never be a past..'

Ok, so there's space on this for your interests but not for the things u dislike/hate so im chosing to write them here, whether u like it or not =)..And i begin..
- The sound of two sheets of paper rubbing together *shivers*, neds, ignorance, homo-phobic people, liars, cheats, bad kissers, pigeons (no good can come from flying rodents), Bicardi, American Cream Soda, slappers, the fact that they charge interest on student loans etc, bad hair days, movies which have pointless endings, labels (in reference to people, not clothes, altho i dont care much for them either really), electric shocks, feathers, spiders, Eminem, missing people, drunk guys hitting on you..or guys hitting on you when your drunk, feeling insecure, attention seakers, sand, people who wear clothes coz it makes them 'cool', overly girly girls..lay off its just plain wrong! The Olsen Twins, losing things, meh im stopping, alot of things bug me, id be here a while..-

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*+* Abandon hope, all ye who enter here..*+*
Strengths: Good listener, apparently easy to talk to, loving, open minded, friendly, impulsive, cares about friends more than anything <3, knows alot of useless information!
Weaknesses: Crisps, kisses, Adam Brody, Billy Joe Armstrong, Sambuca, overly emotional, Irish accents, vintage T-shirts, shoes, bad memory, usually late for everything, easily hurt, doesnt think before speaking, can be lazy, far to ticklish..
Special Skills: Ability to kick people really hard ^_^, sarcasm, ability to drink more than my share without getting drunk..
Weapons: Singing very badly to scare people away! Randomness, Legs (for kicking people), tiny lil swiss army knife that i'd probably never use..
Loves: My friends, him *points*, kisses n cuddles, The OC, Sex in the City, Scrubs, Adam Brody, cartoons, Billy Joe Armstrong, music, shoes, parties, alcohol, dancing like a fool, the cinema, waking up and having nice txt messages =), films, Vintage clothes, snow, thunder and lightening, crisps, chinese food, lemonade, giant chocolate buttons, the noise of the rain, reading, monkeys, fire, stars, spraying people with glitter =p, darkness, talking all night with someone u care about, affection, starburst, joosters n fanta..

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films are love
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office is love
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The Nightmare Before Christmas is haunting love.

by this_is_fucked

kurt halsey is love

muse is love

Shes all alone again..wiping the tears from her eyes ..some days she feels like dying .. she gets so sick of crying..

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..And after all the heartbreaks, and fights, and the tears, and the anger, true friendship will be waiting for you at the end...and it will be worth it..

..What do you do when the only person who can make you stop crying is the person who made you cry?..

..In the story of my life you'll barely get a mention..

"Side Walk When She Walks"

Dressed to kill, you look so right
I am drunk with lust tonight
Your wounds are opening wide
And they might be just my size

Now I'm afraid of open water
But I often bathe in sin
Let's be honest, you know you shouldn't bother
'Cuz with me, it's impossible to win

Dressed to kill, you look so right
I am drunk with lust tonight
Your wounds are opening wide
And they might be just...

There was always
Warmth between us
There was always
Warmth between us

Dressed to kill, you look so right
I am drunk with lust tonight
Your wounds are opening wide
And they might be just my size
Just my size, just my size
Just my size, just my size

Just my size, just my size
Just my size, just my size
Just my size.